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Lecture 4

CHYS 2P15 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Michelle Rhee, Charter School, Mount Meager

Child and Youth Studies
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John Mc Namara

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Chys 2P15 Lecture 4
Term 2 Response Paper March 15 (main focus on questions 3 and 4)
Artifacts April 2
3 different artifacts that relate to 3 different issues
Vulnerable children
School Reform
Political process with the goal of improving public education
Even small improvements have resulted in large social returns (health, well-being,
Small change at school board level = significant change at social level
Meager scale measured reading scores across, no improvement in skills from 1971 to
Stagnant growth in academic achievement
Money has increased significantly although still no improvement
United States specifically, spending most money on education and there achievements
are well below average
Not for a Lack of Resources
4 billion reach for the top grants
Classroom demographics
o Student population since 1970 has increased by 8%
o Number of teachers rose by 61%
o Student teach ratio has dropped
It’s not the lack of teaching, not ratio, not grants, not money
We have yet to discover the real curriculum based reforms within the classroom
So why the Meager results
Education reformers have yet to discover transformative changes in curriculum or the
way it was delivered
Ineffective teachers emotional environment (empathy and understanding), teacher
skill (innovative), teacher motivation (how motivated they are to get better, taking
courses), student participation (active classrooms, students engaging in their own
learning), rules and grades (engage in the class in what the rules are)
The Result
Unmotivated learners continuing the cycle don’t like school, don’t work hard, don’t do
Michelle Rhee
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