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CHYS 2P15 Lecture 1: Introduction

Child and Youth Studies
Course Code
John Mc Namara

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CHYS 2P15 September 7th, 2012
Agents of Social Change
Your responsibility to society
Your part in addresses critical issues facing communities
You as a “problem-solver”
Develop an understanding for your environment
Your Community Service Learning
Primary component of the course
This is where your learning will take place
Compliments by Issue Lectures and Assignments
Assignments are aimed at bridging your CSL with your knowledge from
Brock University
Interaction with your co-requisite courses (2P10, 2P35, 2P38)
Term 1 Reflection Paper
o Based on two Term 1 issue lectures
Term 2 Integrated Response Paper
o Based on three Term 2 issue lectures
o Co-requisite courses
2P15 Artifacts
o Based on integrating your CSL with issue lectures and co-requisite
Principals in Service-Learning Practicum (School Setting)
Service Learning Requirements
18 sessions
Approximately 3 hours per session
One session per week
“Doubling Up” only permitted ONCE per term
Doubling Up would include going twice in one week or staying for a full day
and counting it as 2 sessions
Yes, we check each form and you will have to make up sessions if you double
up more than once per term
Check school board calendars to find out when PA Days and school holidays
occur to ensure you can get all your sessions in by the deadline of April 29th
Service Learning Requests
NO GUARENTESS but you can make requests
Take the original police check with you when you attend your first school
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