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Lecture 2

CHYS 2P15 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Boombox, Sharia

Child and Youth Studies
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Dawn Zinga

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Module #2
Reflecting on Instruction:
In the instruction for this module, we read about the three different lenses in Child and
Youth Studies. (Developmental, Exceptionalities, and Socio-Cultural.) We also had 2
instructional videos from Ellen Carter and Sandy Howe. In Ellen Carters video we learned about
the Character Development Initiative, which is essentially teaching kids respect, responsibility
and other values to help them grow into good citizens for the benefit of both society and the
individual. Sandy Howe’s video spoke about the benefits of service learning to a student and
society and how it is truly one of the best ways to learn and retain information. Through service
learning you will get to see first hand the three lenses at work in a work/school environment,
gain hands on experience as well as possible contacts for future careers. Sandy Howe also spoke
about the many ways in which we are being taught in this course and how they were chosen
specifically to allow optimal learning. These two videos truly allowed me to realize all this
course is really giving me, and how it will positively affect my growth as a learner, and my
qualifications for my future career working with children. If you learn things first hand, you will
be more prepared for the future than just by reading textbooks.
Reflecting on Exploration Opportunities:
Zone of Proximal Development and Scaffolding in the Classroom: This exploration activity
touched on Lev Vygotski’s concept of the Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) and
Scaffolding. The reading used the example of a teacher who asked her students to solve an
equation. None of the kids knew how to answer the question and the teacher did not do anything
to help. Using both the ZPD and scaffolding, the reading suggested a better way the teacher
could have tackled this situation to allow for better learning for the children. I found it interesting
learning about how using something like the ZPD and scaffolding, can completely change a
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