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Lecture 3

CHYS 2P15 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: End Time

Child and Youth Studies
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Dawn Zinga

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CLIO Journal
Date: November 5th, 2015 Start Time: 9:00 End time: 12:00 # Hours: 3
Location: Elementary School
Context: Observing lesson and educational activity during carpet time
Age/Grade Level: Junior Kindergarten/Senior Kindergarten Classroom
Descriptive Observations:
- Had this opportunity when the JK and SK children split up while all being on the carpet
-The SK kids had gone outside for outside playtime
-The JK kids stayed inside to work on learning their letters and have lessons/educational games
-The teacher separated the JK and SK children when she told the SK kids to line up to go outside
but the JK kids were told to stay on the carpet
-The teacher then told them the structure of the events that were going to happen next
-After the first educational song about letters, she gave the kids a choice about if they wanted to
build “Mat Man” or draw him, but ultimately she decided with their input
-She distributed the block pieces that resembled body parts to the students (eg. Gave one student
his eyes, one student his nose, one student his body etc)
-She started to play the “Mat Man” song at this point
-This song mentions each individual part that makes up “Mat Man” and explains its purpose (eg.
“Mat Man” has feet for walking, arms for reaching and hands for clapping)
-Once the song mentioned the body part the kids were holding, one by one they added (and
essentially built) “Mat Man” by placing their designated body part in the appropriate spot of “Mat
Man” ’s body
-One of the children placed the eyes in the wrong spot once it was his turn and didn't leave any
room for the nose of the man
-After the child did this, the teacher did not immediately correct him or scold him for doing the
activity wrong and putting the nose in the wrong place on the man’s face, which I found
-Once it was time for the nose, the child who had to place the nose down, noticed something was
wrong and moved the eyes up to the correct spot
-The teacher stopped the song and asked the child who moved the eyes why he moved them
-He then proceeded to explain that the eyes weren’t in the proper spot where eyes usually need
to go and they were blocking him from putting the nose in the spot noses need to go
-The immediate reaction I had was to correct the student and I was very surprised when the
teacher didn't immediately mention it
-Thinking about it now, the teacher had everything under control and probably has been through
this activity many times with different classes over the years and knew exactly how to play out
this event so that the children learned as much as they could
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