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Lecture 3

CHYS 3P60 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Measles, Congenital Heart Defect, Intellectual Disability

Child and Youth Studies
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Tricia Vause

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CHYS 3P60: Lecture 3
#27 not being tested on for test
Examining the Scienti!c Evidence: MMR Vaccine and Autism
Licensed in 1971, given in 2 doses (12 months and 4 years)
Still something of debate
Some Facts about Measles
According to WHO (as cited by CDC):
It is projected that, if vaccinations did not occur, we would
have 2.7 million-measles related deaths per year (worldwide)
One of the most infectious diseases
99% reduction in measles using vaccine
A very infectious disease
Pre-vaccine: a major cause of deafness among children
Risk to pregnant women: an increased number of miscarriages
German measles
“Up to 90% of infants born to mothers infected with Rubella in their
1st trimester of pregnancy will develop what is called Congenital
Rubella Syndrome (CRS) (CDC, 2004)
Can result in heart defects, cataracts, intellectual disabilities,
Concern that a link existed between MMR vaccine and Autism
The Wake5eld (1988) study…
Only looked at vaccinated children, small sample size
Authors retracted the statement
What are implications of the suggestion of a link followed by a
retraction statement on a parent’s decision to have their child
Confusion by parents
Parents are impressionable, article was in a respected
Questioning prior parent decisions, other vaccines
Reviewing scienti!c literature
Study conducted by Dales et al (2001) JAMA Paper
Approach: successive birth cohorts
DV’s- No. Of cases of children with autism
% Of children who received the MMR vaccination
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