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Lecture 12

CHYS 3P60 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Discrete Trial Training

Child and Youth Studies
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Tricia Vause

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CHYS 3P60 Lecture 12
From Integration to Inclusion
Baily and Wolery (1992) Goals and Components of El
Achieving a family’s goals
Promoting child engagement, independence and mastery of skills
Individualized development in key domains
Building social skills
Issue of generalization
Preparing and oering normalized experiences
Early Intervention for Problem Behaviour
Covered extensively in Dunlap and Fox
Talks about phenomena that may explain the eectiveness of El on
problem behaviour…
Behaviour support programs?
3p91, 4p48
Severity of Disability
Integration vs. segregation
Study by Cole, Mills, Dale and Jenkins (1991)
Children with autism: a continuum of educational services
(McClannahan and Krantz, 1999)
Initial programming for integratipn: the building of kills using
discrete trial training, incidental teaching, activity schedules, pre-
academic and academic tasks
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