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Lecture 2

CHYS 3P45 Lecture 2 - Cyberbullying

Child and Youth Studies
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CHYS 3P45 Lecture #2 Jan.20,2012
1. What is cyber bullying and how is it different from traditional forms of
a new form of bullying produced by the advancements of technology
often a recurring bullying
not face to face, can be anonymous
can occur anywhere follows you home
potential for a bigger audience youtube, facebook, etc. can be shown to the
whole world
can include ALL ages
can occur 24/7
do not have to face their victim physically
can make yourself ‘look’ different then who you actually are
most often physical evidence saved on the computer can be traced
many discrepancies between who is involved (spectators) and who’s
responsibility to discipline
he virtual world is seen as ‘fake’, so children can believe that bulling online
isn’t as bad as physically bullying
2. What are the connections between bullying and cyber bullying?
as seen above
often bullies that physically bully, also verbally bully through cyberbullying, but
at the same time, some people that would not bully face to face, can have more
power and confidence to bully when they don’t have to face their victim
cyberbullying can be an extension of bullying
cyberbullying can be a victims response to bullying bullying another
individual as a result
3. What role can play in overall plans to halt cyber bullying? What about the
schools that don’t have a school psychologist – who does that role fall to?
Guidance counselor?
Teacher / Teacher aides ?
School administrators (ie vice/principal)
a multi-stem issue with many people involved
requires support and input from all parties involved and apart of the situation
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