CHYS Lecture 3 - Rights and Boundaries

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27 Mar 2012
Lecture #3 January 27, 2012
Rights and Boundaries
Video ABC Primetime Cyberbullying
o Legal implications and stakeholders who is responsible
o Monitoring these websites/internet - can we develop a program that will
block all these harmful sights and detect inappropriate language and actions
towards young children
o Importance of parents being knowledgeable of their children’s actions and
monitoring the computer use
o Why are we allowing these terrible sites that are designed for
o Can we control students from entering sites? Can they just simply click
they are overage?
Do you think prevention/legislative measures are the key to halting cyber
What are the roles/responsibilities of internet providers, courts, & media?
Internet Providers
is there detection tools?
don’t allow underagers, and allow easy reporting tools
monitoring the activity on their sites
can certainly implement legislation
hold kids/adults accountable don’t let them get away with it
consistent and demanding of ALL stakeholders
they are informing us and opening our eyes
but some people can fight threat they do not do enough, and still show
negative forms and portray negative actions
Should students be given control of developing disciplinary consequences
and control measures for on line expressions? Why or why not?
What are the boundaries of free expression / speech?
Movies focused on Cyberbullying Issues
Mean Girls
Cyberbully ABC Family
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