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CHYS Lecture - Digital Media in School

Child and Youth Studies
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Syndra S

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CHYS LECTURE # 3 Feb.3,12
Digital Media in Schools
Media Literacy
the ability to think critically about the powerful images, words, sounds, and messages
that saturate contemporary culture increases students’ chance of success in and outside of
the classroom
> All media are CONSTRUCTIONS
> All media construct REALITY
> AUDIENCES negotiate meaning in media
> Media have COMMERCIAL implications
> Media contain IDEOLOGICAL and VALUE messages
> Media have SOCIAL and POLITICAL implications
> Media have UNIQUE AESTHETIC FORM closes related to CONTENT
Critical Framework
Discussion Questions
1. Is prohibition an effective strategy to manage digital spaces for children and
> facebook, msn, email, etc. are part of modern day socialization so taking this
away from them, is inhibiting their socialization opportunities
> we create interest when we ban something
> we not educate students/children instead of not allowing students to go on at all
> can lead to bullying and exclusion of students, when some student s
2. In what ways can educators and parents build critical thinking skills in
children and youth regarding digital media and the cyber world?
3. In what ways does the media take advantage of educational consumer
insecurities (i.e. parents & educators)?
> Baby Einstein / Baby Mozart claim that children will be smarter if they watch,
so parents buy into, yet studies have found that children that young should not be
watching a screen at that young age
> Parents are very vulnerable because they want the very best for their children;
yet end up not giving them the best
> maybe we are being to critical of media, can we not make our own decisions,
and see that it’s a neat idea and opportunity, but not actually engage
> As a teacher, communicate to both parents and students the proven resources
be the reliable source so parents can choose the right tools and programs
4. What are the implications of unsupervised social networking sites for youth
particularly with regard to collage/university administrators and future employers?
think also about Facebook’s new timeline initiative.
> you should be not allowed to look at future job candidates past what they did
when they were 16, is not necessarily the person you are today
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