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CHYS Lecture - Digital Learning and Distance Learning

Child and Youth Studies
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Lecture # 6 February 17th
CHYS Lecture - Digital Learning and Distance Learning
Questions to reflect upon in regards to the Online Class Forums:
1. What are the responsibilities of being online?
What are the ways are you implicated in or affected by this issue?
o Before we address issues to our students, we must face and answer
them ourselves
o It is frustrating to be in an online classroom, and part of the our
reflections should include how we felt and how it affected our responses
o Some students love online classes, others find it very challenged
2. What are the different types of online classes?
o Complete online Discussions and Lectures
o Lectures with Online Discussion / Seminars
o Readings then Online Discussions
o Communication with Professor online only (no office hours)
o Regular Lecture and Seminar with Online Resources Posted
o No Online aspects of the course what so ever
Assignment #2
2 options
posted on Sakai after class
due MARCH 30th
Assignment #1 will be marked in 2 weeks
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