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CHYS Lecture - Distance Education

Child and Youth Studies
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CHYS Lecture #7 Mar.2
Distance Education
1. What are the benefits/challenges of distance education (DE)?
> teachers do not see the mood of the student, or get to know them on
a personal level
> students often take these classes at senior high school grades and
university, are very use to traditional classrooms and therefore
become that type of learner
> the ease of doing school at their time
> more pressure from peers
> students need more self discipline and motivation to be distance
2. In what ways does DE impact teacher / student and student / student
> a lack of relationships occur
> can be a benefit because students are not judged on their physical,
social, cultural personality. Students do not know each other, and no
one would feel out of place or different
> But, sometimes when a teacher knows his/her students he/she can
adapt lessons to the interests, and understand where the student is
coming from or why the student thinks that way
3. In what ways does DE influence / impact the learning environment?
> no group discussion or interaction (or limited)
> more individual based learning
> do not have the option to sit back and listen and take notes, their
learning environment is themselves and the textbook and professor
4. What role could DE have for elementary / secondary schools?
> reasonable for secondary students, but why would elementary students
want to learn on their own, and not have interactions with other children.
Would a eight year old really sit and be motivated to learn on their own every
> home schooled children could benefit
5. What implications doe DE have for the future of teacher training
programs, pedagogies, and classroom practices?
6. In what ways did the learning experience of our online class connect
with the readings?
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