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Lecture 10

CLAS 1P95 Lecture 10: November 30 Lecture:

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Robert Jansen

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November 30 Lecture:
Exam Outline
Part 1: Identification, 10 0f 16, 20 marks
part 2: Myth Outlines, 2 of 4, 20 marks
Part 3: Short Thematic Essay, 1 of 2, 20 marks
Part 4: Written answers on seminar themes, 2 of 4, 20 marks,
Part 5: Thematic Essay, 1 of 2, 20 marks
Marsyas: a rival to Apollo?
Athena and the Aulos (flute)
Athena made is but threw it away
Marsyas, a satyr found it and liked it
Apollo and Marsyas have a musical contest, lyre vs. flute
King Midas thought that Marsyas played better music, the judge of the contest voted for
Midas gets donkey ears for his punishment, since he can’t appreciate “cultured” music
Midas likes “pop” music
Marsyas is flayed alive- Apollo’s controlled facade cracks (because he lacks metis)
roman, mercury
Divine Herald
very different from Apollo
Hermes is a god of limits and boundaries,
Herm: boundary or road markers. originally a pile of pebbles- later a pillar with
phallus and head of Hermes.
God of Travel: messengers, couriers, merchants, heralds, muggers, thieves,
highwaymen- anyone who travels and crosses boundaries as their career. Caduceus: a
staff, heralds herders.
travelling clothes are often a symbol of Hermes: Petasos, floppy hat and
Chlamys, short cloak
Pilgrims: protects the faithful from some of his other people (muggers and
Shepherds: transhumance, moving flocks around different pastures.
Merchants, muggers highwaymen: hermes is the god you pray to for any kind of
financial gain. “Deal and steal”
Psychopompos: escorts the souls of the dead to the underworld, as a traveler her
crosses boundaries. A “liminal” god (limen= threshold). Hermes is a god who
crosses boundaries, both moral and physical.
Zeus and Maia: The Story
Hermes mother lives in a cave
leaves the cave and makes a lyre
Hermes treks to take Apollo’s cattle to get his attention
Hermes’ sacrifice, 12 portions, he craves meat but does not eat it (similar to foresight’s
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