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Michael Robertson

CLAS 1P92: P APER A SSIGNMENT INFORMATION R EQUIREMENTS &G UIDELINES : You will be required to write two papers of 4-5 pages each (around 1200 words). These papers will be based on the two seminar debate topics held in seminar. 1) Seminar 3 ~ Caesar 2) Seminar 7 ~ Imperialism and Romanization The papers will be due on where they will be graded. The due dates are listed on the syllabus. These papers are worth 15% each for a total of 30 % of your final mark in the course. Please note that late papers will receive an automatic 5% a day grade reduction for each day late. PAPER T OPICS: The papers will follow from the material discussed in your seminar debates. You will be asked to explore a more focused aspect of the material presented and discussed in the debates. The primary function will be to carefully consider and utilize the primary readings offered in the Course package and the secondary sources supplied for each debate topic. Because the debate topics are large, for each paper you will have space only to consider and discuss a specific aspect of the topic. Just as for the debate each topic has been divided into two different positions and you will pick either A or B to focus your discussion from that aspect. It need not be the side which you debated in seminar. SEMINAR 3~ C AESAR DEBATE 1A. Why would some of the Roman Senators want to assassinate Julius Caesar? What were their main motivations to join in the conspiracy? 1B. Why would some Roman Senators not want to assassinate Julius Caesar? Why would they not want to participate in the conspiracy? SEMINAR 7~ IMPERIALISM AND ROMANIZATION DEBATE 2A.Why did some tribal leaders feel that submitting peacefully to Rome to become provincials within the Roman Empire was the best policy for them and their people? What would they gain personally from this stance? 2B. Why did some tribal leaders incite their followers fight in order to avoid subjugation and becoming provincials within the Roman empire? What would they gain personally from this stance? R ESEARCH : You will not need to do any additional research since all the necessary primary source material and companion secondary sources have been provided. You may also consult the textbook, but no internet sources are to be cited in your paper. The books for the secondary readings have also been placed on reserve in the library in case you wish to consult them in their entirety. The complete bibliographical information for the secondary sources is as follows: 1 Debate and Paper 1: Billows, R. 2009. Julius Caesar: the Colossus of Rome, Rutledge, London and New York. Debate and Paper 2: Hanson, W.S. 1997. “Forces of Change and methods of control” in Dialogues in Roman Imperialism, ed. D.J. Mattingly, JRA Supplement no. 23, Portsmouth, RI. Matyszak, P. 2004. The Enemies of Rome: from Hannibal to Attila the Hun, Thames and Hudson, London. W RITING S TYLE : Your papers are to be considered research papers. Even though in the debates your information may have been delivered in the first person as you assumed an ancient persona, you must now step back from this role. That is to say, do not use the first person in your paper. The reader already knows that the paper represents your thoughts. If you need to qualify an idea instead of using “I my opinion”, state “it appears that”. But it is best to avoid these constructions all together. This is a formal written assignment which means that it is expected your paper will be written in proper English following the established rules of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. You must avoid colloquial expressions, such as clichés, slang, and especially contractions. For example: don’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t (instead of do not, could not, would not) and other similar contractions are not acceptable in formal writing. Note: be careful with it’s = contraction of “it is” and its = possessive. 1) Introduction: The paper should be constructed in the standard format with the first paragraph offering your thesis statement which presents your overall argument. This should be stated clearly so the reader understands the position of your paper and thus your subsequent discussion of the topic. Do not include any vague or general background details or observations about the Roman world in your introduction, as there is neither any space for generalities, nor do they offer any depth to your discussion. Get right to the point of your paper. 2) Body of the paper: Subsequent paragraphs will provide the evidence to support your arguments. Since the paper is short, it is essential to focus on a specific aspect of the topic. Do not attempt to cover too much material. Your discussion must be clearly articulated and follow in logical or
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