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Roberto Nickel

Lecture Zeus, Prometheus, & Pandora: Sacrifice, Fire and Labour Children of Iapetus& Clymene 1. Atlas 2. Menoitius 3. Promethesus- think beforehand and be successful in any situation 4. Epimetheus- Can think after the fact kinda like us Mecone: the first sacrifice - The golden age( The harmony between gods and men eating a meal together is how men know their on good terms with the gods) - The communal meal - Gods & men eat together The trickster(Prometheus) -cleverly - with deceitful craft -crooked minded -Gently smiling -He spoke with the trick in mind The trickster Amoral vs immoral why does Prometheus divide portions so unequally? 1.Meat in ox’s stomach: -Ugly, outside, valuable inside 2. Bones wrapped in fat: -Beautiful outside, worthless inside Etiology: A story or myth that explains the origin of something *So this first story explain that Prometheus tricked Zeus with a piece of meat that was wrapped in bone. When Zeus found out he had been tricked. This explains the gods alienation from us(in general but most at meal times like stated earlier) The theft of fire -Because of the trickery Zeus did not give the ash trees the continues power to unlimited fire -in return for fire Zeus quickly made an evil for men; Hephaestus, the famous lame one, made from earth the likeness of a revered modest maiden, by the council of Cronus son. - But when Hephaestus made the lovely evil to pay for the good, he led her to where the other gods and men were. The Creation of the first women -Etiology of gender? -Sacrifice + Fire + Women + Labour -Alienation of the human from the divine Pandora & Manufacture - Not brain - Made from mud: Hephaestus - Finishing touches: Athens, Aphrodite, Hermes - Origin of man? I lost a lot of my not because I forgot to save but essentuially Women are created as evil things that men must slave over to feed and provide for (for fire) -Pandoras jar Humanity alieination from the divin - Prometises trick on zeus end communal meal and begins sacrifice - Zues steals fire and promethesus takes it back and he gets mad and creates women - Pandora= women October 29 2013 - THE FLOOD - apocalypse - return to Chaos - Implicit comparison of Jove and Augustus In the birth of Hercules/ hericles girl has sex with two different guys and she becomes prego with both then the goddess wont let h
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