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Lecture 5

Week 5 Hercules

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Anton Jansen

Week 5: Midterm test next week, “Further labours” 7 – Cretan Bull (south) 8 – Mares of Diomedes (north) 9- Girdle of Hippolyta – Amazons (East) 10- Cattle of the Aegean Sea • Crete to the south And Thrace of the north VII. Cretan Bull • Heracles recovers Minos’ bull. • Another domestic animal that becomes dangerous because of a ruler not doing his job. • He led the bull back to the Eurystheus Theseus: Bull of Marathon • It got away and ended up near Athens Theseus: Bull of Marathon • It got away and ended up near Athens • Links Theseus to Hercules myths Links Theseus to Hercules myths VIII. Mares of Diomedes • Diomedes is a Thracian King • His subjects are occasionally fed to the carnivorous horses Abderus - Battle with Diomedes (Euripides) • Heracles founds a city, Abdera, in his honour. • The horses is dangerous Alcestis – wife of king admetus of Thessaly • A “parergon” = sidedeed Week 5: • Alcestis agreed to die instead of her husband but Heracles rescued her from hades • Alcestis only dies because her husband is about to die and he doesn’t want to die so he gets his wife to die for him in his place and lives on and she was the only one that agreed to live on. • Heracles brings the wife back when he hears that a husband got his wife to die. And when she was brought back up into life his husband Admetus says wow thanks for the dying for me and I’m so happy that you actually back Amazons and Geryon • Eastern and Western Mediterranean IX. Amazons – zone (belt) of Hippolyta • Originally, a war myth against strange unnatural women. • Hercules has to get the sword belt back from the Hippolya Apollonius – c. 300 BC • Now she falls in love with Hercules. • The sword belt becomes a girdle. Hercules takes the belt off Apollonius, and after that she took off her clothes. And it’s very debatable, at firs the story like this would be a war zone kind of story but then it became a story of starting to make love. Troy – another parergon • Hercules passes by on his way back to Greece. Hesione, a Trojan princess, and the Ketos (sea monster) • Heracles agrees to rescue her after her father agrees to pay him. King Laomedon and the gods • Apollo and poseido built the walls. • Laomedon, Hesione’s father, had refused to pay them. • the Trojan gods never pay their bills as in they never pay back when it comes time to paying people back Hesione rescued Week 5: • Once again Laomedon reneges on an agreement. • Heracles swears revenge. X. Cattle of Geryon • Geryon has three bodies and lives in Erythraea at the western edge of the world • There not really 3 bodies, its just 3 bodies joined at the waist but they are basically a triplet. • You have to kill Geryon to actually kill him North African Parerga • Antaeus a son of Gaia (Earth) • Wrestles and kills foreigners. • Every time the guy is hit to the ground, he gets stronger. So Hercules makes a idea to show that he gets his trength from the earth so he lifts him off the ground, and than after he just strangles him in the air until the other guy dies. Egypt • King busiris sacrifices foreigners. • The foreigners don’t take care of their guests that only something that the greeks do to their guests • These are the side deeds, that actually happen to him while he is doing the actual labours Helios, the sun god • Hercules get upset with the sun as he trudge through north Africa • He shoots an arrow at him Cup of Helios • Helios treats the arrow as a joke • He loans Hercules a huge cup to travel to Erythraea. Geryon and Eurytion • Once there Hercules kills Geryon and his cowherd Eurytion. Week 5: • He then leads the herd east • He can’t pack the whole herd I his paw so he actually takes the herd through the north Return: Cacus at Rome • Cacus, a kind of giant bandit lives in a cave on the Palatine hill. • He steals the cattle but Hercules gets into his cave and kills him. Palatine – Cacus’ cave Ara Maxima (Greatest altar) • The altar to Hercules is below the cave near the Tiber River XI. Apples of the Hesperides • These apples are kept
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