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Lecture 2

Trial of Minos Week 2

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Anton Jansen

Trial of Minos Week 2 14 January 2014 Trial of Minos (read Powell, Chapter 17; Myths of Crete) Should Minos be allowed to become a judge in the underworld? Major Witnesses: Zeus Poseidon Androgens Aegeus Procrit Ariadne Minotaur Theseus Pasiphae Scylia Nisus of Megara Daedalus Minor Witnesses: • Cretans, Athenians Staff of Pelops • Visible symbol of royal’s authority. • Pelops has KLEOS (fame) and is seen as glorious, heroic monarch by outsiders. • Agamenno – Pelops; grandson (son of Atreus = Atreides)  THE STORY- The claous, the fame, everything stands for authority. • Greeks don’t associate family with power. The Greeks are all about money, power, fame and all about the big stuff. Happy royals very hard to notice and their own families Pelops – cult hero • Pelopeion – Pelops’ shrine at Olympia • In myth pelops somewhat dodges the curse of Myritlus but his descendants don’t. • (the water pump, that is left in Pelops the her shrine) Hero Cult Trial of Minos Week 2 14 January 2014 • A tomb or cenotaph of a famous person (real or fictional) can become centre of cult activity, a Heroon. • A hero or heroine functions some what like a saint. • (shrine of Helen near Sparta ) • Even in the Homer, heroes don’t experience the same deaths as ordinary people. • Eg. Elysian • Fields. (Odyssey, xi) • STORY – they call people from the death to the life and ask them how life is down in the underworld just to find out what type of things are happening in the underworld, and they also sometimes even go in to the underworld to understand what it means • A hero knows what it means to be a human but a god is actually disgusted from us. They hate the way we are, the whole way of aging and how we change the way we look as we age and how we go on through life changing our role in life like as a child, adult, than parent, than grandparent, “Theseion” • Athens – really a temple to Hephaistus and Athena. (on the front of the temple, it has pictures of Athena and what things that often represent Athena and Heptaistus.) • Decorated with the scenes of the labours of Theseus. • Treated like a hero shrine. • You would go to the temple just to get things to be done for you. If the prayers that you say at the temple do come true than the people will have to pay them back by giving them gifts. • And sometimes the things that people ask the gods to go don’t have to be good, they could be bad and if the prayers that are heard are bad that is fine, not everything In the Greek world is good. Mostly allt he people are bad that are able to successfully able to go through life and become something. Theseus- An Athenian Hero. • His mythology was very much developed the fifth-century BCE when Athens was a power state. Aegeus, King of Athens Trial of Minos Week 2 14 January 2014 • A true son of Pandio or adopted? Aegeus at Delphi • Aegeus desperately wants a son. But he doesn’t have a son so usually what the solution to everything in the greek world is to go to the Zeus oracle which gives you the answer to everything you ever need. • His Oracle: “ Keep your wineskin sealed until you are back to Athens” Medea – at Corinth • Aegues runs into a foreign woman who has just been divorce by Jason • She says that she can make sure he has a son if he lets her live at Athens. Aegeus quickly agrees. Saronic Gulf • Aegeus goes to Trozen to ask his friend Pittheus about the Oracle. • Greeks are quite political and everything they do they add a second thought because it has to do with them and their family Pittheus, King Of Troezen • A son of Pelops and Hippomania Aegeus tells Pittheus the Oracle • They are Xenoi, guest friends. Aethra, Pittheus’ daughter • Pittheus understands the oracle. • But he wants the child to be his descendant too. • STORY – the daughter has a oracle in the young years of live that supposedly means that there is something heroic about the daughter and something important about it because that jus means that she isn’t normal. Poseidon • Aethra and Aegeus had gone to make a dedication at a sanctuary. • Aegeus got drunk. • Poseidon raped Aethra. Did aegus? Trial of Minos Week 2 14 January 2014 Theseus and the Stone • Aegue puts His sandals and sword under a stone. • Tells aethra to test the child when he comes to around 16-17 years old (when he is of age in the greek world) Sword and sandals • Greek version of the swords and the stone. • Usually a picture is seen of the Theseus sword and sandals put on walking down the journey to athens Journey to Athens • Like Pelops, Theseus purposefully looks for adventure. • This is the journey that Theseus has to go on because he had proved that he was Aegus’s son and since he showed that he had to go to on the Journey to Athens. Labours of Theseus • The Athenian answer to the labours of Heracles. • Hero myth has a lot of different version and different emphasises and coming around to the story then in the greek mythology that was taken last semester there are many verisons of this Greek mythology. 6 adventures 1) Periphets: Bronze 2) Sinis a. Pine-bender b. After his death Theseus has an affair with his daughter Perigune. c. Theseus is a womanizer 3) Sow of Krommyon a. Phaea – her owner b. The pig got 4) Skiron Trial of Minos Week 2 14 January 2014 a. Kicks people into the sea b. Violation of Xenia, proper guest/host
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