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Lecture 4

COMM 1F90 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Speciesism, Veganism

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Communication Studies
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Derek Foster

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Mya Sutherland
Derek Foster
Tuesday, September 25th, 2018
What do the Media Do To Us
Part One: Media Culture & The Construction of Identities
Fundamental points about how media helps fashion our identity & how we relate to others
Key Ideas:
Looking Glass Self
S.E.A.R.C.H acronym
“The media are a central arena in which consent is won and maintained by representation… and other
mechanisms that position certain values, issues and attributes as being important, desirable, natural or normal.”
The media is no longer considered a channel, but an arena. This means it is a ritualized form of
The circulation and reinforcement of being able to view certain things as normal. If media circulates these
ideas, mannerisms, etc. enough we begin to view them as unproblematic.
How representations turn into interpretations that turn into evaluations
the characteristics and qualities that uniquely distinguish a person
it is what makes you distinct from others, but your personality relatively remains the same (related to
concepts of “difference” and “sameness”)
both personal (individual essence, values, etc.) and social (peer groups); an identity is more or less formed
by interaction
related to one’s present and future self (developing ideas allows us to evolve and change in small ways)
there are multiple aspects to each persons identity. Everyone acts differently within their family than they
do their friends, etc.
Remember the difference between having an identity & communicating an identity.
This is the distinction between who you are and how that is expressed to others (choice-driven; ex. gender !
!pronouns). This can become an issue when confronted with groups who dont share the same worldviews,
!values, experiences, etc. than you; it can become problematic even though you never thought it would be
!(ritual view of communication)
Identity Politics: when conflicts arise when identities clash & some individuals are dismissed or belittled.
These issues can lead to “the identity crisis”. (social media networking, institutions, etc. can influence this)
social media is a reputation-driven space and is how we communicate largely in today’s society!
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