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Lecture 13

COMM 1F90 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Anti-Globalization Movement, Cultural Imperialism, Long Term Ecological Research Network

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Communication Studies
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Derek Foster

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Mya Sutherland
Derek Foster
Tuesday, November 27th, 2018
Key Ideas:
Global Village
Imagined Communities
Cultural Imperialism
Globalization vs. Localization vs. Globalization
We are living increasingly within a global village
We are able to determine the framework of media being available and advertised to us allows us to filter
the information we receive in an extremely personalized way
We see the world, today, how we want to see it
The fear of globalization is hegemony (if there is truth regarding globalization, it speaks American)
Globalization is about decreasing the differences between cultures, etc. and increasing the interconnections
The fear is that the world with largely adopt American culture
As we share certain common ideas and products we are becoming more interdependent via the content of
very large global players (corporations, etc.)
Homogenization of world cultures is occurring. They are becoming more less distinct and more global.
Global culture works through hybridizing cultures (who is the biggest and most powerful will dominate the
Cultural Imperialism
Cultural imperialism is the domination of the world through the minimizing of global power and products
Cultures with more market power will in-still fear in other cultures with less capital
Some people argue bringing in products from other cultures martyrs the traditional lifestyle of that country
(Starbucks in Japan)
The forces that globalized against it used media to prevent this to establish their own threat of globalization
Embrace the world, but preserve culture
Dont contaminate your culture, it will become overrun.
Global Media
The global flow of media power is incredibly imbalanced
The new missionaries of global capitalism (companies are on a mission); to convert believers of anti-
Ex. 80% of all music sold is owned by 3 major music companies
Global corporations mission is to increase consumption and profit
Globalization is not a one-way street
Global digital media can be used by anyone (ISIS)
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