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Lecture 7

COMM 1P96 Lecture 7

Communication Studies
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Amanda Bishop

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October 11. 2011
Lecture 7
Conscious Job Searches
To best position yourself entering the workforce:
Build up your skill set
Learn how to conduct a conscious job search
1. Start by researching
-Types of positions
-Types of employers
-Types of industries
2. Research to:
-Either focus or broaden your search
-Provide you with job parameters
-Identify potential industries and employers
-Define what you can contribute
-Impress an interviewer
3. Research by:
-Going online - Media Job Search of Canada,
-Contacting employees, friends, relatives
-Taking a company tour
-Visiting Career Services
3. Resumes
-References on page 143
-Make it easy to read, straight forward
-Not too flashy - stand out without standing out
4. Cover Letters
-Templates - guidelines of what you should include
-Introduce you, highlight achievements
-Not talking about what your looking for in a position, talking about what you can offer to
the company
-Target the letter to a specific audience
-Attend to the basics - follow regular letter standards, shouldn’t be more than a page
-Sell yourself with confidence - sound confident but not cocky, talk about the positives,
don’t put yourself down
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