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COMM 1P96 Lecture 1

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Brock University
Communication Studies
Amanda Bishop

COMM 1P96September 13 2011Lecture 1Four goals of communication1Developing a global mindsetlearning about different cultures areas resourcesadapting to cultural social economical environments 2Practicing a cultural agilitybe open minded about different values the better you handle yourselves in different situations the more improved your communication skills will be3Managing relationshipsdealing with conflicts collaborating with others to make sure everyone involved achieves their personal goals Commit to your colleagues 4Creating opportunities use communication skills to put yourself in the best position Conscious communicationsMindfulDisplays awareness of communication as a process it is ongoing continuousRespects diversityRequires balancing strategy ethics and outcomes Case studyShould havelistened to the team instead of cutting them offShouldnt have acted like a leader when shes notCCCD process1Choose a communication strategy Assess audience needs and expectationsAssess likely communication outcomes Determine how you will measure your success 2Create your messagewhat will you sayHow will you develop your ideasHow will you summarize concludeHow do the audiences needs and expectations affect three questions3Coordinate the communication eventassemble as much information as possible to determine what needs to be presentedAsk any questions before delivering the message
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