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COMM 1P96 Lecture 1

Communication Studies
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Amanda Bishop

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September 13, 2011
Lecture 1
Four goals of communication
1. Developing a global mindset
-learning about different cultures, areas, resources - adapting to cultural, social,
economical environments
2. Practicing a cultural agility
-be open minded about different values, the better you handle yourselves in
different situations, the more improved your communication skills will be
3. Managing relationships
-dealing with conflicts, collaborating with others to make sure everyone involved
achieves their personal goals. Commit to your colleagues
4. Creating opportunities
-use communication skills to put yourself in the best position
Conscious communications
-Displays awareness of communication as a process (it is ongoing, continuous)
-Respects diversity
-Requires balancing strategy, ethics and outcomes
Case study
Should have:
-listened to the team instead of cutting them off
-Shouldn’t have acted like a leader when she’s not
CCCD process
1. Choose a communication strategy
- Assess audience needs and expectations
-Assess likely communication outcomes
- Determine how you will measure your success
2. Create your message
-what will you say?
-How will you develop your ideas
-How will you summarize/ conclude?
-How do the audience’s needs and expectations affect three questions?
3. Coordinate the communication event
-assemble as much information as possible to determine what needs to be
-Ask any questions before delivering the message
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