COMM 1P96 Lecture 2

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September 15, 2011
Lecture 2
Earliest idea of communication involved:
Sender - communication begins with the sender (coder)
-burden of making him/herself understood lies with the sender
Receiver - decoders - figure out what the message means
-the more receivers, the more difficult to get the message across
Message - isn’t always exactly what you wanted it to be
Always a stimulant and a motivation
Noise- outside influence on the message, physical (actual noises), semantic (the
difference in the interpretation of what the words mean in the message), hierarchy (like
the game of telephone - the message gets lost or confused)
Feedback - have to consider it within the context of the specific situation
Channels - the means to which the communication travels (in person, a direct channel,
a mediator). Influences the timing, reception of the message
- Importance of the message
-Needs and abilities of receiver
-Amount of feedback that you require - the amount you require
-Permanent record
-Cost of the channel
-Desired level of formality
Context - all of the surrounding factors (physical, practical, historical, emotional)
1. Physical Context
-proximity between the sender and the receiver
-Enough privacy? Comfortable?
-Is the environment suitable? Does it reflect on your message in any way
-Are you hungry, tired, rushed?
-Control the physical situation - any distraction impedes the message
2. Global Cultural Context
-Understanding where your coming from AND where your receiver is coming
-Be flexible, tolerant, and sensitive
-Frame of reference shapes you, and you shape it - depending on where you
came from/ your past experiences, you will react differently in situations
3. Communication History
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