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Lecture 4

COMM 1P96 Lecture 4: Lecture 4.docx

Communication Studies
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Amanda Bishop

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Lecture 4:
Ch 17 important for assignment
Film narrative; codes and conventions (ch.16)
Mise en Scene: WHAT has been filmed (similar to codes of content) in semiotics
Cinematography and editing: HOW things are filmed, angles, shot length and
sequence, lighting, effects (similar to ‘techinical codes’)
Soundtrack includes:
oDiagetic sound (within the story world)
oNon – diegetic sound (outside the story world)
Eg. Diagetic dialogue vs non diagetic voice – over or musical score
American Beauty: Language of film narrative
Establishing shot: areil image of uniform suburban space
Mise en Scene: Lester alone in bed, Carolyn and Jim in the garden
Juxtaposition/ editing: Exterior images of garden fence, cutting the rose, linked to
domestic relationships
Cinematography: Interior space is a ‘prison
Overhead and underfoot shots: create imbalance and unease
Soundtrack uses film noir conventions: non –diegetic
music and voice over narrative (lester and his death)
Narrative and structuralism (ch.19)
Narrative analysis, like semiotics, comes from theories of structuralism
Emphasis on how signs and stories fit into a larger structure of cultural myth
Myth is not lies or fabrications
Myth as stories and cultural rituals in which people believe
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