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Communication Studies
Tim Dun

Postmodernity • Interpretive theory • About relativity o Telling relative truth • What is post modernism o 6 sub headings in reading  fluidity  ambiguity  pluralism  localization  non literary language  one other one…. meta narratives- stories we can all relate too, because they give meaning and let us connect to others because it connects to their lives as well.  Religion • Non-linear progress o Get up today to make life better o Today will be better than yesterday The more we know, the more we know that we don’t know. Reality and interpretations of reality Hyper-reality You know world because you experience it Mediated representations of experience give us images from across the world. Reality copied is not the same (good reproduction) Photocopy the photocopy it degrades more Postmodernism says when u only learn from outside sources how can u trust that information. We live in a world of simulated reality. We live and accept these simulations as if they were real. In post modern time identity is fluid not fixed. Identity is fragmented (ever changing, not fixed) Knowledge and truth claims (not fixed) Are you same person today as the person 10-15 years ago? • Postmodernism o Post-modern theory emphasizes fluid meanings and the shifting, uncertain ground upon which we can make knowledge claims Characteristics of modernism • Modern age & modern thinking = focused on the future • A break from tradition looking to the past • Belief in enlightened thought • Reason can lead to certain and universal truths • This lays the foundation for progress development, liberation, growth, accumulation, embitterment • No more reason (only reasons) • Conting
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