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Communication Studies
Nick Baxter- Moore

Sexuality and Queer Theory Pre-history  Import contribution of 1960’s “second wave” feminism was to open up discussion of gender and sexuality  This paved the way for two other key developments in popular culture theory o Studies of masculinity o Queer Theory  Also note the influence of Michel Foucault, especially his History of Sexuality, three volumes Masculinity  Masculinity studies (or men’s studies) emerged out of the 2 wave feminism in the 1970’s and 1980’s: two waves and a backlash  Masculinity: “a social construct, a set of norms and values defining what it is to be ‘a man’ to be ‘masculine’  One part of a binary opposite: masculine vs. feminine, masculinity vs. Femininity  That is ‘masculine’ has little intrinsic meaning in the absence of its opposite  Take a minute to note down some attributes associated with masculine vs. Feminine  Are these stable over time  Rufus Wainwright: One Man Guy. (youtube)  What does this song mean? So what? What traits or associations can each identify with? Masculine Feminine Rational Emotional Active Passive Aggressive Consensus Build Solitary Social Hard Soft Strong Weak Blue Pink Emotionally Distant Nurturing  If Springsteen is an icon of masculinity, what does this tell us about constructs of masculinity in th North America in the late 20 century st Masculinity of the 21 century  Contemporary perspectives on masculinity allow for competing conceptions of what it is to be a man  Who are icons of masculinity (or varieties of masculinity) in the 2012s? Introduction to Queer Theory  By way of contrast: opening to rise above: the tribe 8 documentary  Tribe 8 were/are a dyke, punk, queercore band from San Francisco, originally fronted by lead vocalist Lynn Breedlonve and lead
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