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Lecture 5

week 5

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Communication Studies
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Nick Baxter- Moore

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PCUL 2P20 Lecture Summary Week 5 - Analyse This: Psychoanalysis & Popular Culture 1. Announcements, including info on international exchanges 2. Lecture on Psychoanalysis & Popular Culture 2a) Introduction to Sigmund Freud “Freud argues that the creation of civilization has resulted in the repression of basic human instincts” (Storey, 93) Freud and levels of consciousness - conscious, preconscious and unconscious (or subconscious) mind Freud's deconstruction of the psyche - id, super-ego and ego The iceberg of the mind and Homer Simpson Repression and dreams Freud and sexual imagery The Oedipus complex How does this relate to popular culture? Author-centred and reader-centred approaches 2b) Jacques Lacan Lacan and Freud Lacan and "lack" (incompleteness) Lacan's stages of development (esp. "the Real" and "the mirror stage") Lacan and popular culture 2c) Laura Mulvey and "the Male Gaze" Brief intro - more next week 2d) Slavoj Zizek Zizek as "public intellectual" Zizek and reality/fantasy 3) Analysing Survivor and reality TV Reality TV and psychoanalysis Tony Tremblay's analysis of Survivor  combines psychoanalysis and Marxist analysis of ideology  asks two key
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