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EDUC 1F95 Lecture 4

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Trevor Norris

1 October, 2012 Education Lecture 4 Assignment #1: - 6-8 pages - 1500 to 2000 words - APA format o (Name, year book was published) o Works Cited/reference list - Chapter 10 in “Making Sense” goes over the different formats; just focus on APA - Three broad expectations: o Ensure close connections to readings and course content o Demonstrate effective use of additional research o Demonstrate good writing and referencing abilities - Get someone to read over your essay - Refer to four or more articles or books that are not on our reading list. You must properly quote at least one sentence from each article in a way that is supportive of your argument. However, quotations must not make up more than 25% of the total assignment. The Roman Empire - Reached all the way from England to the Red Sea - Often in conflict with other large empires - What kind of education was going on in this context? - What are the educational practices that the Romans used? Rome - A republic; limited form of government - Became an Empire - The conquest of Greece not only made the Greek Roman, but made the Romans Greek o Romans adopted many Greek practices o Cultures combined - Deeply influenced by Greece o Important for young Romans to learn Greek - Athens was still a popular destination for education - Law was central to Rome o One of the main focuses of education o “Roman Law” o Legislative debates - Roman Numerals 1 October, 2012 Education Lecture 4 o I = 1 o V = 5 o X = 10 o L = 50 o C = 100 o D = 500 o M = 1000 o Very inconvenient o Current number system came from the Arabic culture - Abacus - Latin language o Alphabet came from Latin (Latin Alphabet) o English and other European languages has its origins in Latin o Pro Bono – Without Charge  Services rendered without charge for the good of the general public o Carpe Diem – Seize the Day  Taking advantage of a situation and not being afraid of the consequences Education in Rome: - 500 BC: Informal o Family-based  Mostly taught by the mother and father o Practical skills (agricultural, basic language, domestic skills, etc.) - 100 BC: Formal Schools o Professional teachers o Established locations for schools o Established curriculum o Growth in moral and civic education – how do you make children good? How can you use education to improve the morality of the future generation? o Writing and speaking - Papyrus Scroll o Used to keep documents for long periods of time o No page numbers o Major documents for historical and legal documents, literature, writing, etc. - Wax Tablet and Stylus for writing o More common in the educational context o Can be easily erased o Early version of a chalkboard or the tablet computers used today 1 October, 2012 Education Lecture 4 - Education was very international o Impacted by the different places that the soldiers concord o Merchants and traders constantly coming to the city of Rome o Educators from other countries cam to Rome to teach o Practice of education was a way of how the Roman empire had an impact on today’s education system - Most teachers were slaves from Greece o Brought over when Greece was concord by the Romans o Slaves were not treated as badly as might be thought o Slaves had a certain level of respect from the Romans - Rejected Greek emphasis on music, athletics, and art o Not very important o Music was only good for battle or to honor senators - Physical training was only for war o Almost always victorious in battle - Practically oriented o More important to learn things that could be put to use in everyday life o Learning skills that help society - Three main goals of education: o Oratory: the ability to be a good speaker o Rhetoric: having a good argument; the ability to make an argument o Law - Orators were the big celebrities o Really big speakers o Famous o Ability that is lost in our cult
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