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Lecture 5

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Thursday, September 22nd 2011
ENGL 1F91: Lecture 5
Sonnet 64 - Edmund Spenser (436)
- ideal woman
-white, blonde, blue-eyed,
-English pinks--> blue flower
-comparison made with flowers
-Shakespeare’s sonnet, overturns all of stated in spenser’s
Leda and the Swam - William Butler Yeats (2405)
-something strange about the look of the poem
-has something to do with the strangeness of the poem
-Original title: Annunciation (means announcement)
-Christian myth
-mythos (muthos) means narrative in greek
-Broken wall is used as a metaphor for the rape or broken hymen
-greek and roman mythology and Christian myths all operating at once
-Trojan war --> epic
-Sonnets are where poets started
-Lyric includes sonnets and short poems
-Drama includes romance, tragedy, comedy, or history writing
-Epic is one step up from drama
-Hierarchy as it appears in the renaissance
-epic contained in the sonnet form
-periphrasis: paraphrase, talking around something
-epithet: gives elevation to a character.
-“the brute blood of the air” is another way to refer to Zeus.
-erratically different that is strange, violent and different
To His Coy Mistress- Andrew Marvell (677)
-Rhyming couplets
-metre/meter: where the beats fall in a line a poetry
-rhythm: where the beats fall in a line of poetry
-u / u / u / u / u /
-u = unaccented
-/ = accented
-u / = foot
-iamb or iambic
-pentameter means five feet
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