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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 1F91

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Neta Gordon

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Thursday, September 15th 2011
ENGL 1F91: Lecture 3
Mutability topos:
Immortality topos:
Amoretti: Little love (love sonnets or poems)
Sonnet 75 (NA 437)
poet writing about writing
-mutability (tide comes in to wash away name)
The power of language to make someone immortal.
STEPS TO DISCUSS POEM/SONNET (Using “On First Looking into Chapman’s
Homer” [NA 1822])
1.)What form of sonnet it is?
-tells you something about what the poet is talking about
2.) Find imagery that the author uses and hypothesize why
-uses metaphor of travel to talk about reading
-“I’ve read a lot”
-“I know my books”
-moment of discovery when reading something never read before
-the controlled experience of the unexpected discovery
-reading homer was like a whole new world for Keats
-poem about discovery
-reading leads to writing
Using “When I have fears that I may cease to be” (NA 1830)
3.) Look at the quatrains (or octaves and sestet)
-When, When, and when
-unit of time (life span)
-harvest imagery- full of grain BUT
-difference between “ceasing to be” and dying
-fear of dying prematurely
-dying before he gets to do all the things her wants to do
- Fall season --> night (shortening the time)
-women --> owl
-sense of prematurity
4.) Examine the Volta (turn)
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