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Lecture 7

Speaker of the Poem (Lecture 7)

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Neta Gordon

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Monday, October 3rd 2011
Lecture 7
-Progress exam--> listen to analysis’ and explain how we got there
Who is Speaking the Poem?
-the “voice” heard in a poem is the voice of the speaker, not the author
-when the speaker uses the first-person, the poem is usually a type of lyric poem, in
which an individual seems to be musing in solitude.
-when the speaker refers to characters or events in the poem from an “outside” or
omniscient position, the poem presents a type of narrative (a told story)
-when the speaker uses the first-person and is musing on a situation that is clearly
distinguished from the world of the author, some critical work must be done to
characterize that speaker and the particular situation, and to figure out the persona of
the speaker.
Stand - Eminem-
-more intimate and believable
-better sense of realitity
Atwood’s “Death of a Young Son by Drowning”
-Atwood’s speaker is Susanna Moodie, a nineteenth-century Canadian author
-What are the various levels of speaking “speaking” occurring in this lyric that make use
of a persona, and why are they significant?
Research if the person is historical!
-“He was hung in the river like a heart” (17)
-Similie, tenor (boy), vehicle (heart),
-Birth, Death, and Burial (3 described life-changing catastrophic events)
-using figure is indirect way of saying something
-Drowning in a river, heart suspended in a body --> river flowing heart in a body
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