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19 Mar 2012
Monday, January 9, 2012
Wide Sargasso Sea is like the prequel to Jane Eyre.
Allusion: a passing reference without explicit identification, to a literary or
historical person, place or event, or to another literary work (very often a classical
text, the Bible, or texts from the so-called canon of literature)
Examples: being introduced to the Mason family, we are introduced to an unnamed
male (Rochester) who is obliged to marry into the Mason family because of money.
Cosway is renamed Bertha Mason, a character from Jane Eyre. Bertha is placed
under the care of Grace Poole a character we also recognize from Jane Eyre. Bertha
is Rochester’s first wife who is locked in the attack and becomes crazy.
Intertexuality: signifies the way a literary text is made up of multiple texts, either
by way of explicit or covert citation, by way of allusion or by way of generic or
formal reworkings. Feminist poststructuralist Julia Kristeva argues that every text is
an intertext, in that it must be read as an intersection of and in relation to numerous
other texts. All texts are apart of it; you refer to your history of reading.
*** Every time one makes an illusion back to an older text it affects the way we think
about the current text and changes how we think about the older text
Allusion and intertextuality on exam!
Where is Jane Eyre in Wide Sargasso Sea?
Bildungsroman: Wide Sargasso sea follows a female character from childhood to
adulthood and concerns itself with the problem of character formation and social
placement. (Just like Jane Eyre)
Place and speaker is a marker of events
Jane Eyre: 1. Gateshead hall
2. Lowood School
3. Thornfield
4. Marsh End
5. Ferndean
Antoinette: 1. Coulibri estate
2. Convert school
“Do you know what you’ve….” – not a colorful place anymore, but instead a dark
place. Names are constantly changes just like the places.
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