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February 1 2012 EXAM QUESTION how in dramatic text we have to pay attention to how space is negotiated like stage directions Splitting of genders men move into the room significance of the kitchen how the play makes use of the unity of space Draws attention to a theme how genders negotiate a certain positionGlaspells TriflesRocking chair quote on page 1386rocking chair is empty There sat Mrs Wright Symbol Does a rocking chair have general cultural associations that are being relied upon by GlaspellIn various ways the rocking chair is associated with women and the comfort and the reason the rocking chair is used is to draw attention to the way Mrs Wrights gender has been undermined no kids alone disempowered Reminder that she isnt in the womans world insanitycomfort Empty rocking chair she is not in the chair she is absent She is not the traditional view of what a domestic woman would be absent from society Metaphor is the rocking chair a vehicle within a comparative configuration If so what is the tenor in the metaphorMore specific not as generalEntrapment rocking chair has a movement but doesnt go anywheremetaphor for the way Mrs Wright is trapped for they both are unable to move around their surroundingsInstability of the rocking chair
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