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Monday February 6 2012y A Midsummer Nights Dream y Impersonation explicitly thematized example exploration of how love looks not with the eyes but with the mind li235and with the scenes concerning the playwithintheplay y Three unities maintained mostly in that al the action concerns love relationships all the action takes place during four happy days li2 before Theseus and Hippolytas wedding and the escape to the forest is really a temporary escape to a dream space y Relationship to its audience make explicit inclusion of the playwithinaplay in Pucks epilogue y Unity of action all of the dramacomplications have to do with love y Quote Lysander Ay Me for aught that I could ever read could ever hear by tale of history the course of true love never did run smooth Hermia if then true lovers have been ever crossdwishes and tears poor fancys followers li132154 Shakespeare signals that we can enjoy the chaos and not worry about the love because we know it is going to be fine because its a classic love storyy Green space In the green space you are literally seeing in a different way and you can change how you feel by looking differently A lot of similarities with the ordinary world Mist powerful similarity is tha
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