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thJanuary 11 2012Issue of point of view There is always a separation between voice or persona and the authorial voice or tone of the text When considering who is speaking its important to consider why the author chooses to voice his or her story via a particular persona It allows the literary critic to sort through the issue of toneTalking about something that can be read through the text but is coming from outside the text Persona of Grace her attitude towards education is that she wants her children to believe in a specific God She believes the teaching of the Catholic Church is unquestionable absolute and if you dont subscribe to those teachings you will go to hell Tone person behind the story This figure may or may not have a conflicting attitude towards the persona Wants to pick out how Graces view is problematicTip picture a narrator in your mind and this will make it easier to distinguish between the author and the personapoint of viewWide Sargasso Sea point of view is always first person It shifts between the perspective of Antoinette and of the unnamed male who is her husband Rochester So it was all over the advance and the retreatYou know the narrator shifts we were under the treeIn the next sentence the reader is confused of the shift Also in this nov
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