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Neta Gordon

thJanuary 16 2012They confuse matters by telling lies if pressed The white people sometimes credulous it is further complicated by 89 Then the narrators switch again after we ARENT given an explanation as to what its complicated byI had a letter from a man who calls himself Daniel COSWAY He has no right to that name Is there another side I said There is always the other side alwaysOther sides Her response to Jane Eyre What is Antoinette Cosways story Rochesters story the unnamed characters storyIssues of race and history have an impact on the way people read a situationCreoles of European descent Caucasian refers to people who look white and European but theyre not actually European They are from the West IndiesRacial quo who has the right to what belief system What constitutes truthRhys wants to get at how one story is more privileged told more oftenWhy is there all this reference to lying and truth telling y Perspective is no the same as truth Truth depends on perspective Post Structuralist theory 1 Idea of transcendental truth is a fiction supported by most philosophy poststructuralists rather suggest that all truths are contextual 2 Relationship between signs is
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