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Neta Gordon

thJanuary 30 2012Glaspells TriflesIntroducing dramaThe term drama refers to a text that is designed for performance in which actors perform the indicated action and utter the written dialogueImportant formal features of drama include 1 Acts and Scenes major and minor divisions in plays consisting of units of action ends of acts and scenes are usually indicated visuallyfor example by the dimming of lights 2 Characters the persons represented in a drama whose disposition and personality may be inferred from what they say and how they say it 3 Setting both the scenery depicted on stage and the properties or moveable pieces of furniture the term also refers to the overall conception of a theatrical production which may be indicated in the play itself or be conceived by a director or set designer Important conventions of drama include 1 Impersonation the audience must accept that the actors are impersonating real people and that the stage is a real geographical setting of the action 2 The three unities the idea that all the action in a play should focus on a single plot take place in a single day and in a single place 3 The fourth wall the audience must accept the idea that they are watching the actions of
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