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ENGL1F97 Lecture 26

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James Allard

Lecture #26 January 10, 2014 Incorporating others ideas • Direct quotations • Paraphrase • Only quote the secondary source once • Reference to secondary source should not appear in the intro • Evidence is in the text, not the source • Read the primary source, develop a thesis and then read the secondary source • Know what you want to say before you read the article • Know what you want and what you're looking for Lines • Things sometimes aren't as important as they seem at the time and vice versa • If a person comes back to the same place and they think things have changed, it is most likely the person themselves that has changed • Maybe this place wasn't so special but I wanted it to be • I couldn't have imagined something that meant this much to me • Angry that his sister gets to have that moment of first seeing the place and he doesn't ever again o How do we know that she is having that moment? • He looks at her face and interprets it for her • She never says a word o Bringing her here mattered to him • Losing the first time seeing it does not belittle the other experiences, but never will he see it for the first time • What happens if we don't remember? What happens if we do? Frost At Midnight • We watch a perfect bubble of solitude and quiet being created • Either late in the
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