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Caroline Starrs

Wasnt really a writer although he did publish a long poem attacking classical writersPublished the stories from Times Past collection of folk tales that he somewhat adaptedHe had the little rhymed morals that werent on the original folk tales some were completely irrelevant to the story1696pub Stories from Times Past With Morals Tales of My Mother Goose trans Into English 30 Years later altered some details but he was a collector generally speaking he did not alter them Should notice there is a lot of points details that would not have been in the original folk tales a lot of focuses on fashion or on what things looked like in the courts he elevated the folk tales writing them for the people of the courts mainly the women of the courtsIncludes cautionary tales trickster tales Puss in Boots Coming of age preparation for marriageAvoids condescension some collectors were condescending to the lower classes but adds humour some subtle dryAdded rhymed morals at end not included in our text Looking at the texts to see the assumptions morals gender roles that are being presented were looking at them like documents what you can pull out of the text
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