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ENGL 2Q99 February 26 , 2012 2nd half of PUSH Holistic interpretation of the text  Optimistic ending or pessimistic ending?  Internal locus of control – where you believe that you have control over your destiny. You automatically believe that everything that happens to you happens because of the way that you are or because of something you’ve done, or because of the characteristics you hold. You don’t even look back on things that happen cause you just know they were your fault. Ex) if you trip you don't even look back because you know it was your fault - For females when negative things happen, the locus of control is internal (you think it was your fault) Ex) if you have a fight with someone you immediately think it was your fault - For women, when something positive happens, we tend to blame external sources for these good things  External locus – things that occur to you are because of external forces that are something that are out of your control. Ex) if you were to trip, you would look back and believe that something made you do that, it wasn’t your fault.  Mixed locus – sometimes you identify things as your own fault, sometimes you think things are beyond your control  Women usually have an internal locus, while men usually have an external (bias, small group is studied)  You see Precious’ change from an internal locus of control through her journey to her external locus’ control  If you look at Precious’ journey through the text, she really moves that she thinks she’s doing things that make her be raped, and to be in poverty, and to be illiterate. But eventually sees that her situation is external to her  She internalizes racism, sexism, etc. into a space that she starts to recognize this is outside the range of her control  Pessimistic reading because if you see that the issues she’s facing are external to her then it is difficult to buy into the American Dream that college will go to college, and live with HIV, and Abdul is going to be successful  because she has no control over this when thinking externally locus.  Externally Precious’ life is plotted out for her (type of job she will have, etc.)  we see this in her folder that the social worker reads  Precious avoids the trap of falling into the expectations of herself  Pg. 67: after she gives birth to Abdul - She starts talking about the choice that she’s made in naming her child. The giving of the name is really important - Abdul means servant of God she didn’t know what the name meant until she read the name book she was given. - In naming Abdul she is hoping that his future will be different then her life was because of her name (she feels that her mother randomly named her Clareece) - Gives him a new name – not named after anyone in her family, or any other person she has even heard of. Does this as a ‘fresh’ start for Abdul with no stereotypes attached to him. - Her reaction to Abdul is very different  she realizes she loved him, she never had this chance with little Mongo because she was taken from her so quickly - The name of Precious that she is given – contradictory, she is not held precious by her society, or her parents, or anyone that she has encountered. - She doesn’t get to name little Mongo so Abdul is the first name she gets to give - When she does the ABC’s she demonstrates her awareness of the fact that she is African American and that all the messages she has been getting of value and beauty have come from a white place - On pg. 68  Precious realizes and names her abuse as rape: shift in the locus of control  before she was saying her father had sex with her, now she is able to name things and recognize that it is external - She Is finally able to put a name on what has been happening to her and that it is not her fault, she also aligns that to her life as an African American - Enormous moment because it all comes together. She realizes that her rape is external and she did nothing to bring that on. She realizes
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