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ENGL 2Q99 Lecture Notes - Robert Crumb, Belly Dance, Bildungsroman

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Shannon Mac Rae

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March 12th, 2013
2nd paper
Due April 26th in lecture if you want commentary back
Due by April 8th at midnight digitally on Sakai drop box if you are content
with just a numerical mark (won’t be guaranteed to get your mark back
before the exam)
See note on Sakai for topics
1. Immigrant experience:
- Idea of movement in Daughter of Fortune
- How does gender complicate the idea of migration/Immigration?
- Birthrights
- Internal vs. external locus of control
- *** Persepolis: her changes, were they a part of her growing up, or did they
happen because of the changes around her and she had to adapt
- Push: internal v. external loco and whether she thinks its her fault or due to
something else that made her this way (ex. Since she is black and female life is
harder for her as the minority)
Research styled paper: must include secondary sources (scholarly articles)
- On brock libraries: MLA International Library Database
- Be careful not to use more then 3 … don’t focus too much on the research but more
on proving your argument
The Complete Persepolis
Story of development, “coming of age”
Restricted by gender; usually stories about males, and written by males
Comic book/graphic novel format
Male dominated culture in terms of author/producer and consumer
Robert Crumb, Art Speigelman (famous male comic writers)
Ethnicity Stereotypes
Western perspective: stripped of agency, serving to a male figure (father and
Exotic; object of sexual interest (belly dancing)
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