ENGL 3Q93 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Randomness, Neurosis, Dream Interpretation

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4 Feb 2016
ENGL3Q93 – Fairy tales in Dreams – Freud
Freud seems to be strolling his way through this essay and that he may not
be taking this subject seriously.
The randomness of Freud’s approach is in fact not as random as it appears to
His approach focuses in on certain things.
Freud focuses in on precisely the moments of unpredictability and
randomness that he nds in literary texts and indeed the whole process of
dream interpretation is based on the latent dreams.
Randomness, and nonsense is the very method by which psychanalysis
There should then be an element of seeming randomness involved.
The occurrences of dreams in the essay:
oThe analysis of dreams can be aided in the use of fairy tales. He then
suggests that the analysis of fairy tales can be used in dreams.
oFIRST Dream – a young married woman. Her room – vagina. The man –
walking penis.
Another interpretation on the everyday level– the room is her
marriage bed, the little man – her father in law, might also be
her husband. Why does he look like the father in law rather than
her husband? Perhaps she’s attracted to him. There’s some
slippage here between her husband and her father in law.
She’s worrying about getting pregnant a second time.
Page 103 – dreams are a disguised wish fulllment.
He says this dream expresses the woman’s worry that she might
conceive again, the worry is based on the reality principle and
unconscious wishes don’t care about the reality principle that’s
why they’re unconscious.
The fairy-tale is projecting us into a world very di/erent from the
Like Rumpelstiltskin
Anxiety expressing a wish –through the logic of inversion. If the
manifest content of a dream expresses one thing, then the
latent dream thoughts inevitably mean the inverse.
Why does he turn to fairy tale? HE CAN SHIFT FROM ADULTHOOD
TO CHILDHOOD. As an expression to present adult concern to an
expression of passed childhood wish.
Freud – dreams don’t express anxieties, they express wishes.
He projects his analysis back into the realm of fantasy. We nd
ourselves living these fairy tales.
Fairy tales can take the place of childhood memories – the fairy
tale substitutes the reality of the real memory. Because the fairy
tale is better – defense mechanism.
Replacing the relatively ordinary with the absolutely hideous –
why might this position be worth considering? What is the
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