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Lecture 1

ERSC 3P07 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Spectral Signature, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Micrometer

Earth Sciences
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Marilyne Jollineau

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ERSC 3P07 Lecture 1: Introduction
What is remote sensing?
Science and art of obtaining information about an:
oObject, area, or phenomenon
oThrough the analysis of data acquired by a device that is not in contact with the object,
area, or phenomenon.
Definition: Ability to do work
Three ways to transfer energy:
1. Conduction: atom/molecule transfers kinetic energy by direct contact
2. Convection: kinetic energy transfer by physical movement
3. Radiation: emission and propagation of waves transmitting energy through space or through
some medium (This energy is of primary interest to remote sensors!)
Wave Theory
Movement of radiation in
wave form
Lamda, λ, measured in
micrometres (μm, 10-6
m)/ nanometres (nm, 10-9
Frequency (ν): Number of
wave peaks that pass a fixed point per unit time (in cycles/second, Hz).
C= λ*v
EM NRG Facts
1. Objects > - 273 oC (or 0 Kelvin) continuously emit EM energy
2. Stefan-Boltzmann Law: how much energy an object emits is a function of its surface
temperature. This is expressed as:
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