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Brock University
Barry Grant

October 3, 2012 Check out brock film group productions website ( - Changed film and acting (ex. The character could make less facial expressing and more noises like a sigh) - Introduced 1927, by 1930 all theaters were converted into having sound - Not al silent film were actually silent, there was always music playing along with it - Music was important and had to do with the experience with film (helped drown out the sound of the projector and helped create an atmosphere, for the actors and the viewers) - Musical cue sheets (emotional cues) – on the left it gives the line of dialog and then it listed the song that went along with it - The piano was soon replaced with an organ (the mighty Wurlitzer organ) it was supposed to replace a full orchestra  Most famous for the jukebox - The first version of Frankenstein (1910) was the first to use a musical cue sheet - Birth of a nation was the first film so have a set music list made solely for the film , this them became much more common - Other countries did not take to sound as fast as north America  Japan took to narrating (a benshi)  In brazil they had opera singers - Big 5 or majors: MGM, Paramount, RKO, Twentieth- century Fox, Warner brothers (vertically integrated - Mini-majors or little 3: Columbia, UA, Universal - Poverty Road: Republic, Monogram’ producers Releasing Corp. (small independent studios, B- Films)  B film does not refer to quality as much as to cost - W.K.L Dickson experiment
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