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Barry Grant

September 12 , 2012 The Beginnings of Cinema Narrative – classic Hollywood cinema (CHC), or classic narrative cinema, or Industrial mode 24 frames per second is the normal speed for a sound colour film The Kiss (1896) - First film - Kissing for the benefit of the audience (as seen on screen) - The spectator is being acknowledged - The action is being effected by the invisible camera Peter Mark Roget (1769-1879) - Persistence of vision - Thaumatrope (1824) - Disk with an image on either side, when spun and released it almost puts the two images together, to form one (Sandun’s project with the face) - Realized that an image is left on the retina (its able to hold an image for a split second longer after its gone) - Exploited the persistence of vision Animation Cel - Each Cel has a different function and when brought together they work with each other - Each Cel moves by itself (in cartoons they have to draw each image over and over to make it look like It’s in motion) Zoetrope - Invented in 1833 by British Mathematician William George Horner - Drum with an image on the inside with slits on the outside, so when spun you look through the slits and it’s a short motion picture Etienne – Jules Mary (1830-1904) - Series photography - Chronophotographic gun (1882) - Able to take 12 shots per second (the 12 shots were one picture) - Now people could study movement/ motion - Revealed/captured and saw things that the human eye couldn’t Eadweard Muybridge (1830-1904) - Animal locomotion series (1884-1887) - During industrial revolution, so it sparked much interest September 12 , 2012 - “the horse in motion” (no feet on the ground) changed paintings of horses Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) - Kinetiscope (1891) looking at the view of movement - Couldn’t capture movement so movement had to come to it - These parlors because widespread across North America and Europe Auguste and Louis Lumiere th - December 28 , 1895 first film screening in the basement of Grand Café in Paris - Cinematograph (device used) had a projection mode and a film mode - Was no standard speed because they were hand cranked but later the normal sp
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