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FILM STUDIES 1F94 Saad Ramadan Corner in Wheat Symmetry in Structure: The farmer sows his field at the beginning, Note the compositions. Note the focus on detail for dramatic emphasis and the use of close up. Soviet and Intellectual Montage  Golden Age of soviet cinema approx. 1924-1930  Russian Revolution 1917  Leninist Film Proportion “For us, cinema is the most important of the arts” Vladymer The man with the movie camera “DZIGA VERTOV, 1929” Why was cinema important in Russia? Well it was a large country, so people didn’t go along together, but what did get people together? Movies and cinema Dziga vertov: The man with a movie camera (1929) “kino eye” Kino Pravada Lev Kuleshov (1899-1970) Kuleshov experiment Emphasis on montage Ivan Mozhukhin (Actor) Ivan Pavlov (1849-1936)  1890’s-early 1900’s famous experiments on conditioning with dogs.  Conditional refelexs Moscow art theatre: Method Acting (The method) (Psychological realism) Introduction to Sound and Cinema: Transition to sound (Ca.1927-1930) Cinema was rarely silent… Music is recognized as essential from the beginning: o Atmosphere o Emotion cues (Cue sheets) o Enhancing action (The mighty Wurlitzer Organ)-Piano It went From organist to Orchestra. Where does the sound go? Before the soundtrack, original composed scores. Music remains an important element across film history: Wagners ride of the Valkyries appears in both Griffiths BIRTH OF A NATION and Coppolas APOCALYPSE NOW. Music itself can be a motif or a leitmotife. Alternatives ways of bring sound to silent film. Drawbacks of Early sound:  Hampered camera movemen  Hampered movement within the frame  Hampered expressive possibilities of editing. Resisting sound (Modern Times-Chaplin, 1936) History of sound film: o Silent era- ca. 1895 to 1927 o Transition to sound – ca. 1927 to 1930 Components of soundtrack: Dialogue (Direct sound & ADR) Sound effects ( Verisimilitude & Foley artists Music( Tempo, pitch, instrumentation, volume) Relationship betweem sound and image: Diegetic a
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