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Catherine Nash

Political Geography 9/26/2012 1:31:00 PM Reading – Chapter 3 p.g 50-70 - next week pg 75-85 - seminar: Canada and the Vlo Slide 1: 3.1 Spatial organizations –states and nations 3.2 the modern nation-state 3.4 Geopolitics and critical geopolitics 3.5 Supranational organizations and the future of the state Slide 2: Picture of the current world map - shows how it shifts the power in the world - we see interregional wars (Sudan) - we now see threats from rouged states (North Korea, Iraq, Iran) - we have trade agreements not - we have a large trade of knowledge and trades - a lot more tension Slide 3: Political Geography - study the effect of political actions on human geography - shows intellectual history - how territorial boundaries effect someone (Quebec independence) - spatial analysis of political phenomenon - as the USA is leaving Afghanistan we see other countries coming in - the study of states – their groupings, and global relations - different political ideologies the come from Albert - spatial organization on different scales that are influenced by politics - Territory, sovereignty and boundaries Slide 4: Territoriality - a country’s or local community’s sense of property and attachment towards its territory, as expressed by its determination to keep it inviolable and strongly defended (Text, p.g 53) - boundary of your room (its your territory) - sense of something that is ours - interested in the meaning territory as for everybody - someone always has to be first and say they own it (Americans on the moon placing their flag) Slide 5: Sovereignty - A principle of international relations that holds that final authority over social, economic and political matters should rest with the legitimate rulers of independent states (Text, p.g 53) - sovereignty isn’t just about protecting your borders but also who influences the state - allows different countries to be recognized Slide 6: Boundaries - vertical plane between states that cuts through the rocks below (called the subsoil), and the airspace above the surface, dividing one state territory from another (text, pg.54) - if you’re going to have a territory you need to draw boundaries Slide 7: wall between Arizona, U.S.A and mexico Slide 8: 3.1 How is space organized into states and nations? - what is a ‘state’?  a state has a defined territory, a permanent population, a government and is recognized by other states (text pg.51) Slide 9: What is a Nation? -is an idea - community of people whose members are bound together by a sense of solidarity rooted in a historic attachment to a homeland and a common culture and by a sense of consciousness of being different from other nations (Dictionary of Human Geography p. 532) Nation-State: - politically organized are in which nation and state occupy the same space. That is, people who collectively understand themselves as a nation bound together by history, identity, and/or culture, occupy a bounded territory (text, pg. 63) - natives consider themselves to be a different nation than Canada Nationalism: - nationalism is an ideological movement that draws on national identity in order to achieve certain political goals… it can be an expression of racism and bigotry or a celebration of identity in the face of oppression or repression (imagined or real) - Olympics shows positive nationalism -
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