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Catherine Nash

Wednesday October 17 , 2012 Geo Lecture Understanding the University: A. University Structure a. Governance b. Professors c. Committee structure (service) d. Research (funding) e. Publication f. Anatomy of an article B. Library skills (Heather Whipple) Brock University, 1964 (bicameral) - was only a liberal arts university - board of trustees o 32 members o 21 community members o 3 students (elected) o 3 faculty (elected) o president and Chancellor (ex officio) o government, coduct, management and control of the University and of its property, revenues, expenditures, business and affairs - Senate o 65 members o 35 full-time teaching staff (elected) o 2 trustees o 6 undergrads (elected) o 3 grads (elected) o 1 alumni associations (elected) o 19 ex officio o responsible for education policy - 7 factual Professors: - assistant o tenure and promotion - associate - full - if you have a phd you’re either a professor or doctor - assistants you are on a 2 year contract - 10 year is full time professor - first 5 years are very stressful - duties: o teaching: 40% o research: 40% o service: 20% - service takes on a lot of time - stresses around publishing - teaching load for faculty is 2 and 2 - get paid extra for teaching load - profs rotate through courses - asked to create a course, can teach anything they want - teach core material Research: - contractual obligation - have to do substantive research - central to promotion - co-write, sole writer - where the publications are ranked - central to good teaching - upper years you should be talking classes with people who are leading authorities in their field Service - Department o Awards o BUGS o Curriculum o Graduate program committee o Academic miscondu
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