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Brock University
Catherine Nash

Wednesday November 7 , 2012th Social Geography: Slide 1: Race - no biological rationale for radicalized - people are radicalized - modern notions – colonial and imperial discourses - placed into social categories - important to remember Caucasian or white is a race as well - where did we get the idea to make distinction of race o colonial and imperial discourse - social classes have always been around (rich/poor) - you could be superior to others - those who were less wealthy thought of themselves above others - physical characteristics and cultural characteristics - you need to look at the cultural history of various groups Slide 2: “Race” in Canada - census 1941 – ‘race’ o included questions that referred just to race o had predetermined questions of what race you were o made radicalized categories - census 1951 – ‘ethnic origins’ o dropped after WWII because of the ways Germans chopped up races o ethnicity is a more appropriate term to use o needed policies in place to retable people in ethnic - census 2006 – ‘ancestral ethnic heritage’ o looks back at 2 generations o people have multiple ethnicity when they look back up the family tree o over 40% said they had more than one ethnic origin Slide 3: Visible Minority - anyone who is not Caucasian - figure 7.12 Slide 4: Residential Organization - figure 7.13 - Canada is becoming more disperse - Visible minorities live in urban Canadian cities (MTV) Slide 5: 7.3 What is the connection between identity and geography - sense of place - a state of mind derived from the infusion of place with meaning and emotion of a place with meaning and emotion by remembering important events that occurred in the place or by labeling a place with a certain character (p.200) - you can have a negative sense of place or positive - deals with emotion as well as physical - place really matters Slide 6: Place Matters - affect our everyday decisions o from where we want to live o move to o eat lunch o whether it is worth defending o immigration push/pull o is there anything in this place - affects our life chances o possibility for success or failure o access to health care o difference between life or death o determines who we meet, if they are like ourselves Slide 7: Identity and place - identities constituted in a place - people infuse place with meanings - meanings in place define the identities - the place we arrive at constitutes us as individuals - to be born female in Canada is different then anywhere else in the world - know what we mean if we talk about china town - we are thinking about the ways in which people are identified in - space reinforces and maintains social categories - expectations about how you act in a place are infused in us - geographers are interested in places - nature of identities shift from place to place Slide 8: Identicide (Mehrag p 200-202) - “the intentional destruction of place that provide meaning to entire groups” - reconstruction after war/armed conflict - became interested in what do you do after a place has been destroys - recreation of place – the ‘normal’ - wanted to help people get back to normal - wanted to find out what place meant to people - collective identities/sense of place - places become part of mythology of a place - look at emotion well being of people - we destroy places in America that are senti
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