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Daryl Dagesse

Mar. 20, 2014 Glacier Motion • Internal flow • Basal sliding • Deformable bed • Depositional Processes • Deposits left by ice sheets o Stratified  Usually deposited by meltwater (glaciofluvial) o Unstratified  Without water transport Moraines • Unstratified drift o Terminal o Interlobate (between two lobes of ice) o Recessional (might pause, summer vs. winter) • Oak Ridges Interlobate Moraine Outwash • Outwash plain o Stratified Eskers • Esker o Really stratified o A former stream Drumlins • Usually unstratified • Also stratified (?) Till Plains • Unstratified • Also, drumlinized till plain Marginal Lakes • Fig. 18.20 • In isostatically formed depressions ahead of the retreating ice front o Heavy ice pushed down the landscape o Melts away, landscape takes a while to reform (like memory foam) o Proglacial lake forms in isostatic depression Soils • Have a variety of definitions, depending on who’s talking about them o Geomorphologists o Pedologists o Engineers • What is it? o Regolith from the weathering of rock o Can be in situ (erosion, transportation, deposition) o Contains solids & voids o Voids can hold air or water o Can also be organic matter, both living and dead The Nature of Soil • A natural surface layer • Contains living matter • Can support plants • Consists of: o Matter in all 3 states (solid, liquid, and gas) o Organic (humus) and mineral matter o
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