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September 22 Christmas Day A.D. 800 Old St. Peter’s Rome – The Frankish King Charlemagne is in Rome attending mass in St. Peter’s ○ As he kneels down to participate, the Pope produces a crown which is placed on his head  Proclaimed as emperor Charles Augustus Questions: – Who is Charles? – Why is he important? – Why did the Pope name him as a king? What does this mean? Charlemagne, the Carolingian Empire and the Birth of Europe – The Frankish success story – Charlemagne and the Carolingian Empire – Charlemagne: Father or Grandfather of Europe? Charlemagne “No figure from the middle ages has impressed himself more powerfully and enduringly upon the consciousness of posterity than Charlemagne. All but a legend in his own lifetime, when he was ‘Charles the Great’ . . . he became one literally within decades of his death . . . nowadays, Germans and Frenchmen alike regard him as a father of their countries; at the same time a prize for services to European unity is named after him . . .” – P. D. King, Charlemagne (1986) *France comes to Rome and takes over to make it part of France The Frankish Success Story – The Franks ○ The stronger group of the Germanic people – Clovis, c. 482 – 511 ○ Attempted to uphold Roman ideals – The conversion of Clovis ○ Converted to the right brand of Christianity – Orthodox Christianity  This lead to more power lead through the church  Which gave Clovis and the Franks an upper hand then the other Germanic people that converted to the other sects of Christinaity – The significance of Clovis ○ He is a reminder of Constantine After Clovis – Merovingian Dynasty ○ Divided amounts Clovis’ sons – ‘Do Nothing Kings’? – Einhard’s Life of Charlemagne (830s) ○ They didn’t do anything, just lived their life decedantly until another family removed them from power – Modern views of Merovingians ○ This isn’t a very fair view because Einhard wrote as a way to justify why the family removed the power of the Merovingians The Rise of the Carolingians: A medieval Coup d’Etat – “Mayors of the Palace” ○ Nobel men that were given responsibilities of powers by the Merovingians but eventually take over most control over the Kingdom – Charles Martel d. 741 ○ Writes a letter to the Pope to explain that it’s not fair that the Mayors of the Place has all the power but the Merovingians have the title as king ○ Demands a new king – 751 deposition of last Merovingian ○ Pippin III (father of Charlemagne) and Childeric III (last Merovingian ruler)  Pippin takes over control and embarrasses Childeric by cutting his hair and sending him to the monastary ○ 754 anointed by Pope ○ Unprecedented papal involvement in kingmaking  The papacy has never been involved in political matters such as this The papacy: man in the middle – Bishops of Rome in Late Antiquity – Gregory I the Great (590 – 604) ○ Papacy emerges into a leadership role and he becomes an image as the head of Rome ○ The Papacy took many roles of the government: taking care of the war . . . etc. – The papacy and the eastern Roman empire ○ Iconoclasm controversy: a movement attacking the veneration of images – The papacy and the Lombards in Italy – The papacy in need of a protector ○ Papal – Frankish contacts 750s  Frankish people were become a predominate powerhouse during this time ○ The Pope needs help from somebody to protect them from Eastern Rome and the Lombards Charlemagne, 768 – 814 – Charles the Great = Karolus Magnus = Charlemagne ○
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