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HIST1F90 Module Three: Lesson Two, January 20, 2012. *extremely organized and vast amount of information*

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Brock University
Elizabeth Vlossak

1HIST1F90 January 20 2012Bismarcks Empire 1871 1890Era of Bismarck 18711890Political Structure of the EmpireoControversy in what kind of state and political system that Germany was Some say authoritarian democracy doesnt existBuilding a Unified NationoGermany is a new entityoBefore series of principalities coloniesthat speak German however have no common entity currency this distinct group exists how do you solidify them make people feel part of a larger wholeThe German Empire and the Rest of the WorldoHow does Bismarck engage with the other powersThe Nature of Bismarcks EmpireoIs there continuityOtto von Bismarck 18151898von shows he is from Aristocracy land owners of Prussia group with the most political powerGermany was created through war sets the stage for GermanyGermany not created by a union of state of democracy it was a militaristic nationalism Bismarck bringing states together to fight a common enemyThe Iron ChancelloroMade evident through famous speech Bloody IronoReflects that Germany not only has a powerful military but also a Germany that is modernizingRealpolitikoForm of diplomacy and politicsoThe politics of realismoRather than ruling through realism how things should be Bismarck cares about maintain Germanyso integrity and making sure Germany is strong and politicalBismarck makes sure Germany becomes world power he doesnt care what the world thinks about GermanyUnification of Germany 1871Confederation of Northern and Southern states to fight FranceBy defeating France the united states they proclaim the unified nationPaintingThe leader of the Empire is the Emperor Wilhelm II is not visible Bismarck is in white he is the new leader however he is only a chancellorDetermine how new Germany will be structured
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